Order payment options?

There are 2 options for order payments.

Bank Transfer: Directly from your bank to ours.  If you select this option during checkout, our bank details are sent to you once your order is placed.  Once the payment is received we send you an email confirming that your payment has been received and that your order is being processed.

Paystack: This is the second option available to make a payment to LGC. There are several options for payments via Paystack including card payments, USSD, Bank transfer, and Visa QR. 

Paystack is the payment processor of choice for some of the fastest-growing businesses in Nigeria. Here is why.

Don’t forget to tick the box on Terms and Conditions as well as the “I’m not a Robot" button. After that, click the Place Your Order button. You shall be present with  the Paystack payment portal as seen in the image above.

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