What is Mycorrhizal Fungi? How is it useful in my garden?

Mycorrhizal fungi are fungi that develop a symbiotic relationship with the plant’s root system.  They colonize the roots and create internal structures. These structures serve as the points for exchange of gas and nutrients. Mycorrhizal fungi extends the network of the roots making it more efficient for the plant to look for water and nutrient sources. 

Although they infect the roots, mycorrhizal fungi do not bring harm to the plant but rather increase water and nutrient uptake. 

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How is it useful in my Garden?

Using mycorrhizal Fungi in your garden help the plants develop a pseudo-secondary root system. This means that the network of their roots will extend up to 700x more area than normal. This will increase the capacity of the roots to uptake nutrients and water. 

The best way to use mycorrhizal fungi is by adding it to the plant hole when transplanting so that the product gets in direct contact with the plant roots. Similarly with seeds, a little in the seed hole or mixed in with the seed sowing mix gets the seedling to an excellent start. 

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