How to use Rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi to grow maize

Our Rootgrow Mycorrhizal Fungi products can certainly be used successfully for planting maize.

Product Details

This product is non-soluble and contains arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and is in granular form 1-3mm grade.

Mode of Application

It should be mixed dry with the seeds and drilled as preferred or broadcasted using granular applicators e.g. Stocks AG and Techneat (see manufacturers’ recommendations for settings and roller specification).

Application rate for this product is 3.5 - 4L per hectare.

Unfortunately this brand of mycorrhizal fungi is NOT WATER SOLUBLE and CANNOT be used as popularly known by Kenyan Maize farmers i.e. mix into paste, mix in with seeds, dry and sow. 

However the same result can be achieved when applied using a seed drill (seeds mixed with the product) or simply broadcasted in the area to be seeded.

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